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Il Veneto

All of Veneto was dominated by the Republic of Venice from 1420 to 1797.

In fact the unique familiar Venetian atmosphere is present throughout the whole region. In the hills and the lowlands, the countryside is full of 1500’s Villas built for the Patricians of Venice using them as summer resorts or for nobles that came from the mainland to discover agricultural wealth. Mainly built in classical style, designed by Andrea Palladio, famous architect who is also responsible for designing the Redentore Church on Giudecca Island in Venice. His project of Villa Foscari, called La Malcontenta, along the Riviera del Brenta is a little architectural jewel that sets the pace between Venice and Mira.

In the North of the region, you can visit the magnificent Dolomites, represented by Cortina D’ampezzo, famous VIP tourist location. In the South of the region, you can find beautiful natural oasis where to go for long nature walks, bike or boat rides. Miles of sandy beaches on the Adriatic Coast, Jesolo is one of the major destinations for young people from all over Europe, especially famous for entertainment and nightlife. You can enjoy an opera in Verona in its prestigious Arena; Vicenza is known for its Palladian villas; Treviso and province are a definite must for those who love good wine and nature. The Saint Antonio Cathedral and the Scrovegni Chapel frescoed by Giotto in Padua complete the setting of this wonderful region loved for its breathtaking landscapes and for its numerous cultural events and exhibitions.

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